The Beauty of Travel: Celeb Makeup Artist Lauren Andersen On Work and Wanderlust

As Avon’s Celebrity Makeup Artist, Lauren Andersen travels — a lot. Whether she’s getting stars glam in Bali or doing makeup on a movie set in Bulgaria, jet setting in the name of beauty is all in a day’s work. We checked in with Andersen between jaunts to talk about the advantages of globetrotting for her career, and how she stays grounded even when she’s thousands of miles in the air.

Travel is often a transformative experience. What impact has it had on your life and career?

I always wanted to see the world, and had faith that work would take me there. The first time I used my passport I was 19 — I went to Glasgow, Scotland, for a summer and worked at an Indian restaurant. My passport is still my prized possession. The first time I took a flight for work was quite an exceptional, life-changing day. I was doing my best friend’s makeup for an assignment, and she flew me out with her on a private jet to Scottsdale, Arizona. I remember thinking it was quite fabulous, but also being scared on the small plane because it’s like a little tin can in the sky.

What is something you love to do or see in each place you visit?

I love taking photos wherever I go as a visual documentation of history, so I’ll have a memory. And I do like to collect things; I went through a phase when I bought a blanket everywhere I went. Local things for home décor have been my souvenirs — I purchased a beautiful lamp in Istanbul, and I bought a bunch of tile in Italy.

How do you carve out time for yourself and maintain a sense of balance when you’re travelling for work?

When I’m on really short trips or flying in and out of a city for a day or two, it can sometimes take the romance out of travel. I’m obsessed with a good bath. I find it kind of necessary to soak before bed — it washes off the day, almost like a spiritual cleanse.

Every experienced traveller has a few rituals — what are yours?

I was lucky to start out travelling with my best friend who has been working on the road for such a long time, so I essentially had someone who taught me how to travel. I learned to bring my own comforting things with me and to know what I like: I like a window seat; I like to have hand sanitizer with me; I like to check out where I’m staying ahead of time, find good restaurants, and make a plan.

Tell us a favourite travel memory.

When I worked on a tour all over Europe, the hairdresser and I would rent bicycles in every place we stopped. I thought that was a really great way to be a tourist and see a city.

Any packing tips?

I recently met a man on a plane who is such a travel pro that he’ll look at his schedule and pack weeks out. There’s something so chic about that. I like to be really methodical about packing—I lay out every outfit so I can see and count everything. It’s a process, and it takes over my house!

What are your travel beauty essentials?

I’m really obsessed with face masks for the plane; they put the life back into your skin because you get so dehydrated. I try to keep it basic when I’m travelling — I don’t want to spend precious time getting glammed when I could be checking out a beautiful city, so going as minimal as I can is key.

If you could go anywhere next, where would it be?

I haven’t been to Australia or Africa; I’d really like to go to Japan and Spain. As much I have travelled, it’s such a vast world and there are so many places I’d still love to go.

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