Turn Blue Monday into Me-Time Monday

Christmas is over, the bills are rolling in, it’s cold outside and payday feels a million years away. January really isn’t that fun.

Throw into the mix Blue Monday, dubbed as the saddest day of the year, and honestly, we just want to curl into a ball under our desks.

Stop right there. Uncurl yourself from that ball. Take some deep breaths and use those cold days and early nights as an excuse to take some time out for you.


Start the morning by waking up with the sun, or at least a Sunrise Alarm Clock. It creates a sunrise to slowly wake you up naturally, a much better way to wake up we think!


We all know the first coffee of the day tastes the best, so make sure it’s ready for you to grab and go without standing waiting for the kettle to boil. The Salter Coffee Maker has your morning coffee (aka go-fast juice!) sorted so you’re prepped for that 9am meeting.


These cold, miserable days play havoc with your skin. Take some time during those cold nights to rejuvenate and awaken your skin! Whether you add a nourishing treatment to your Anew daily routine or giving yourself some me-time with a Planet Spa pamper night enjoying sheet masks and body moisturisers, your skin will thank you.


What’s better than spending a night playing with your make-up? Try out different looks, get it wrong, try again. Find a bolder lipstick, change up your nails and just spend some girl-time testing out those styles you’ve been too scared to try. Go on, you may find a new fave!

So it’s time to say…

Blue Monday be gone. And 2019, we’re coming for you!

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