How To Get The Perfect Pout

Nail a luscious, perfect pout with these expert tips. Even the thinnest lips will benefit from these must-have products and tricks of the trade.

Want perfect lips, a kissable pout and added fullness... without fillers? You’re in the right place! These expert make-up hacks and must-have new products are all you’ll need to take your lips from drab to fab - in just a few minutes. Even the thinnest lips will benefit from these tricks of the trade; amping the volume right up to transform them into a plumper, luscious pout. They’re easy to learn, quick enough to fit into your daily beauty regime and extremely effective. So let’s get plumping!


Having a good base to work from is essential when it comes to nailing that perfect pout. Chapped, sore or dry lips may cause your make-up to apply unevenly, fade or clump over patches of parched skin. It’s important to keep your smile smooth and moisturised, to get the best possible results.

A great way to keep your pout prepped is to get into the habit of regularly exfoliating, especially during those drying winter months. It’s just as important to care for the skin on your lips as it is the rest of your face, but with our fast-paced daily lives, this can be easily overlooked.

Lip scrubs are a quick and easy way to remove dead skin and prime your pout - and they don’t have to be expensive either. Some of the most effective lip scrub recipes are ones you can simply prepare at home. Mixing together sugar, coconut oil and a little of your old favourite lip balm only takes a couple of minutes, but will achieve fantastic results in the exfoliating stakes.

The results will generally be most noticeable when you get into the habit of exfoliating your lips before you head to bed - maybe as part of your night time skincare routine. After gently exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub, nourish them with a rich lip balm. This will give it plenty of time to soak in and work its magic as you sleep.


Understanding which colours suit your skin tone and complement your features is a must when it comes to picking out a lipstick.

Those with cool complexions (with pink, red or bluish undertones) are best avoiding warm, brassy shades; as these may clash against your skin tone. Lipsticks with blue or purple undertones are your best bet. Steer clear from orangey shades or anything too light, as these may wash you out and clash against your natural colouring.

On the flip side; if your skin has warm hues (yellow, peachy, golden undertones) you should do pretty much the opposite - so go ahead and reach for those oranges and rich reds! Be wary with cool toned, dark products as they may look out of place against your skin tone and drain your natural colouring. If you have neutral skin (with pink and yellow undertones) - lucky you, you can pull off most colours and look amazing!

The mark. Epic Lipstick With Built-In Primer collection has a great selection of colours, created with both warm and cool undertones in mind. If you’re looking for a little inspiration on what lippy to wear with that new dress - or for the job interview you have coming up - the range should help with your decision making.


Lip liner has a lot to answer for in modern make-up regimes! This handy tool, has become one of the most popular beauty hacks for creating luscious, fuller lips; sworn by countless celebs. The Glimmer stick Lip Liner in Simply Spice is a great product to use for this as it’s a neutral, popular shade that suits most skin tones - and is designed to effortlessly glide over the lips. Its shaped tip also allows for really precise application.

Lining your lips before applying lipstick gives a clean, precise finish to your look. Defining the outline of your lips is a popular choice - over lining them slightly (to subtly make them look bigger) is a daily part of many beauty lovers’ make-up regimes. When lining your lips, always start from the edges and work into the middle, as this will make your pout look fuller.

Applying lip liner all over - or under lipstick, will give you long-lasting finish.

Alternatively, by using lip liner and lipstick together, you can really experience the magic of a lip contour. Firstly, outline your pout with lip liner, before filling your lips with the liner. Start from the corners of your mouth and work inwards, fading towards the centre. Then apply matching lip colour all over. Finally, using a lighter shade of lipstick than your liner, dab a little onto the centre of your lips and blending with your finger. This will create the illusion of a fuller pout.


Highlight, sculpt and define your lips by adding a pop of highlighter to your cupid’s bow. Brightening this area gives your lips a fuller appearance, accentuating their natural shape.

Using a shimmery or glittery lip topper to define the plumpest parts of your pout is another easy way to create luscious looking lips. Their dazzling finish reflects light, creating a focal point in the fullest part of your smile. These glitzy finishing touches can also be used to dress up your look, taking your lipstick from day to night in a simple swipe!

When it comes to achieving a more glam weekend or night look, the mark. Epic Transformers ensure that nailing on point day to evening lipstick is a breeze. The Glitter and Holographic finishes in this range add an on-trend twist to whichever lip shade you apply them over, and are super fun to experiment with when it comes to achieving perfect lips.


No matter how prepped your pout is, there will still be moments where you feel a case of the dreaded dry lips coming on. Changes in weather, eating, or air conditioning units are some of the most likely culprits behind this. A great way to prolong your lipstick colour, whilst also rehydrating and conditioning your skin, is to top them up with lip balm.

Parched pouts are prone to losing their vibrancy. Touching them up with True Colour Lip Balms throughout the day adds a subtle pop of colour to your smile, reigniting your chosen shade whilst treating your skin to a splash of nourishing hydration. Keeping your lips luscious and cared for during the day also, in turn, means that when it’s time to apply lipstick, it’ll glide on easily, evenly and last for longer.

It’s definitely not as difficult to perfect your pout, and achieve fuller looking lips, as you may have previously thought. By learning more about your skin, what suits you and your undertones, the smile of your dreams is just a few practices away!

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