5 Tips for the Ultimate Red Carpet Glam

5 Tips for the Ultimate Red Carpet Glam

The secret is out! Here are 5 simple tricks you need to know to look just as glamorous as your favourite celebrities on the red carpet.

Throughout the red carpet season, we see our favourite celebrities bring to life the meaning of ‘glamour’. As we see picture after picture, it’s overwhelming how stunning some of the make-up, hair and fashion on the red carpet is. As if it were a magic trick, or an illusion, how can we look and feel as glamorous as that? Well the secret is out ladies and gentlemen. You can recreate and embody red carpet glamour from your bedroom, and most importantly, without breaking the bank. Simply incorporate the following 5 steps whilst you’re getting ready and doing your make-up for the ultimate glamour look.


The epitome of red carpet glam make-up is featuring a stunning, statement lip. Either choosing a bold colour, such as red, or a gloss will make the lips a stand out feature of your make-up. Outline the shape of the lips using a lip liner to ensure the colour doesn’t blur or lose its vibrant shade. For a finishing touch, highlight the cupids bow above the top of the lip, creating a subtle glow.


Eyes are one of the most captivating features of the face. Smokey eyes are the most popular look for the red carpet season because they define and draw attention to the eyes. You can use a simple eye shadow palette, focusing on darker shades to add depth and drama to create the perfect smokey eye. Finally, using eyeliner to define and deepen the shadow will create a sultry look that will get all eyes on you.


Adding a pop of colour to classic glam make-up brings a sense of excitement and personality to the overall look. It can be implemented using lipstick, nail varnish, blush, eyeshadow etc. A subtle yet effective trick, often used on the red carpet, is using a coloured eyeliner like the Mark. Big Gel Paint Pencil Liner. Either in the water line or even on the lid, adding a stand out colour to a simple smoky eye will make the eyes pop. Popular colour choices are often shades that will complement your eye colour whilst still making a statement such as purple, blue or silver.


A flawless base is an essential step to achieve red carpet glam. Powder application and the right product are essential to ensuring the skin looks healthy and radiant. To lock the base in place without disrupting the foundation or reducing luminosity; use a smaller brush to focus in on areas such as under the eyes, around the nose, the forehead and chin.


For a glam look, worthy of the red carpet, your hair deserves just as much love and attention as your make-up. Volumised, bouncy hair creates a romantic style perfect for any glam look and can easily be achieved at home. Prepping the hair using a volumising shampoo and conditioner like the Miracle Densifier Shampoo and Conditioner is the best way to start. After curling the hair with either a curling wand or straighteners, use a backcombing brush to the tease the hair and maximise the volumised, bouncy curls. For the final step, use hairspray to keep the curls in place. Avoid applying too much so that the hair doesn’t look stiff but natural, glamourous and bouncy.

To achieve a celebrity red carpet look, you do not have to pay a celebrity sized bill. Using affordable yet high quality products from Avon can achieve the ultimate glam style you are looking for. With your make-up bag at the ready, and after reading these tips, all you need now is a red carpet event…

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