Match your Perfect Nude with the Letterbox Looks Collection

As much as we all love a glamour moment, with smoky eyes and vivid lips, there’s nothing like an ‘au-natural’ glow. From nude lips to a subtle rosy blush; natural beauty is all about complementing the natural you! Finding the perfect match for your complexion can take a lifetime of searching…until now. The brand-new Letterbox Loves Collection at Avon are here to help you get that perfect nude and natural look!


Natural make-up means the exact opposite of caking and concealing every freckle, pore or wrinkle. Give your skin time to breathe with a softer coverage foundation, or maybe even just concealer. This way you’re left with a finish that gives a little something to your complexion, but still looks natural.

No natural look is complete without the added rosy hue of a blush. Whether it’s a warm toned red, peach, mauve or straight-up pink; adding that subtle pop of colour is so pretty! The Letterbox Looks collection includes an Avon True Colour Luminous Blush to complement your skin tone perfectly.


The classic nude lip. The most powerful tool in your make-up bag. A nude lip is the epitome of a natural look, however, finding a nude lipstick that matches your complexion perfectly can be such a long process of trial and error. But to avoid all the disappointment, the Letterbox Look collection includes the True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick in the perfect shade to match your skin tone. The shade I have chosen is Nude Suede


The best way to complement your natural make-up look is with perfect, effortless hair. Natural waves that lightly drift down your face are the best way to get that ‘I woke up like this’ feel.

Why not accompany your perfect nude make-up with matching glossy nails? Nothing makes everything look more put together than a cohesive colour scheme - from head-to-toe. There is a Mark Gel Shine Nail Enamel in the Avon Letterbox Looks Collections that works like a dream with the nude make-up shades.

When the idea of endless blending and perfecting your winged liner is just too much, natural make-up is your go-to. Leave the bright colours and bold lines at home and make way for embracing your natural, beautiful self. Find your perfect ensemble of nude make-up using the Letterbox Looks collection at Avon. Check out all the products mentioned and used here:

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