How to Look After Your Natural Nails

Acrylics, Shellac, Stick-on…we’ve all been there, right? Nowadays it’s the norm to pop along to your local nail salon every 3 weeks to ensure your fingernails are looking their finest. Our natural nails haven’t been seen in years (and if you’re me, at least 8 years!) . But have you ever thought about the damage this causes to our natural nails?

I don’t know about you, but I spend about £25 a month on my nails. That’s £300 a year! Gulp. I made a promise to myself this year that I would start looking after number one, and that includes looking after my natural nails. So if I told you, my new nail care routine costs half the price and half the time, would you commit to nourishing your natural nails too? It’s time to say adios to the acrylics…


The hardest part of this nail care routine is breaking off our love affair with the ultimate enemy - our false nails. If you’re lucky enough to have gorgeous nails without needing any ‘false’ help, then let me tell you, you’re truly blessed.

I know from personal experience that acrylic nails well and truly damaged what’s underneath, due to a lack of oxygen reaching my real nails, harsh chemicals and nasty nail files. In order to strengthen my weak nails, I use a nail oil treatment loaded with Vitamin C. I apply this by massaging it into my nails and cuticles, to support healthy nail growth.


It’s a fabulous feeling when we start to notice nail growth, and it’s a sign we are doing something right (finally!). But one thing to remember is that nail growth takes time, and patience.

In order to get the best results from this routine, you must remember to file your nails once a week. Think of brittle nails the same way you would think of split ends. Therefore, our nails must be filed every so often in order for them to grow too. This will decrease the chances of nail breakage whilst they are making their way through the strengthening process.


It may seem like a bit of a faff, and an unnecessary step in your nail care routine, but the base coat plays a pretty important role in this recipe. Not only can a base coat harden your natural nails, but it saves them from turning that hideous yellowy colour underneath our pretty polish.


Once your base coat has been applied, it’s time to really make your nails stand out. If you prefer the more natural look, feel free to just use a base coat as a nail varnish, or a clear top coat, and skip straight to step five!

When it comes to choosing my nail colour, I always think of the outfits I am wearing that week (yes, I’m that sad) so I choose a versatile colour. The best part about looking after our own nails is that we can change the colour whenever we like! Not feeling the royal blue today? No problem! Switch it up whenever you feel like it.


Drying our nails is often the worst part. I can picture it. Running around the house flapping our hands in some sort of fan-like motion, hoping and praying we shave a few minutes off our drying time. That was until I discovered nail drying spray. You heard me. One of the best creations I’ve ever come across. Spritz your freshly painted nails and virtually watch the paint freeze over, like some sort of magic. Not only does it save us time watching paint dry (literally) it means no more smudges from being too impatient! #Goals

And there it is, my nice and nourishing nail care routine for healthy natural nails. Sit back, relax, and watch your nails transform over the next few weeks. It’s incredible what a little TLC can do.

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