Finding your Signature Scent

Love fragrances? Then it’s time to stand out with a beautiful signature fragrance that suits your personality. Whether you prefer a night on the town, a midnight dip in the ocean, a candlelight dinner at home, or a picnic in the park, we can help you find the perfect fragrance for you.


If you love Pina Coladas, a picnic in the park or a day at the beach, then Tahitian Holiday is the fragrance for you. A tropical breeze and the alluring scent of coconut. You love listening to waves lap against the shore, and the feeling of a sea breeze in your hair. This is the ultimate escape, fragranced with notes of coconut, white blossoms and tiare flower.


That playful glance. A new romance. A blushing girl is always a-flutter with hopes and dreams. Your signature scent is Eve Duet , an award-winning dual-ended, fragrance. The Sensual side embraces a concerto of pink pepper, water lily and patchouli, while the Radiant side shows off a vibrant melody of clementine, water lily and sandalwood. Wear separately or blend together for a scent that’s unique to you.


A midnight kiss. Your secret wish. You love romance with a hint of mystery and a lot of passion. Your signature scent is Viva La Vita. Fill your day with dewy rose petals, crisp pink apple and sweet vanilla bean. So be sure to enjoy that candlelit dinner, and the midnight kiss, wearing your favourite fragrance.


A midnight dip in the ocean, travel to distant lands. Your idea of a perfect day involves lounging in a hammock or taking a walk through the colourful streets of the Grand Bazaar. Your signature scent is Far Away Infinity. Fragranced with notes of Italian bergamot, Indian jasmine and warm vanilla. It makes every day an adventure, wherever you are.


Sensual and emotional, you manage to be both traditional and contemporary; sweet and light one day, and flirty the next. You’re the type that enjoys all things, whether its a night on the town or a picnic in the park. Your signature fragrance is Luck Limitless. Combining notes of starburst pomelo essence, passion flower accord and diamond amber accord, you will be ready for whatever comes your way.

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