New Phenomenal Mascara

We want everyone to make their own lasting impression on the world, and to do it entirely on their own terms. We won’t tell you how to make your mark, but we will give you the tools and inspiration to do exactly that.

With our ever-evolving mark. range of on-trend products and high-performance make-up, you are always on trend, always different, always you. Introducing mark.’s latest addition to ‘Big &’ mascara range, Big & Phenomenal – a mascara that provides unstoppable volume with phenomenal impact from root to tip.

Big & Phenomenal mascara delivers full volume in an instant, creating thick lashes with uniform coverage from root to tip. With Big & Phenomenal your lashes will stand out from across the room.

The detail

  • Ultra blackest black formula with high purity carbon black powder for intensely dark, standout impact

  • Big &’s fastest loading volume mascara

  • Avon’s first hybrid plastic brush

  • 3-in-1 designed brush; formula reservoirs, precision bristles and detailing tip:

  • Deep reservoirs between each bristle hold pockets of formula, loading it onto the brush

  • Flexible bristles separate and coat lashes evenly root to tip

  • Detailing tip for controlled coverage on lower lashes

Create your lasting impression with Big and Phenomenal lashes.

Coming soon in brochure 8

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