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The first Avon Lipstick was introduced in 1919, which means we’ve been tinting Lips since before women had the right to vote!

Avon’s first-ever Lipstick came in a metal container and was only offered in two shades: light and dark. (Can you imagine what those turn-of-the-century ladies would think of Avon’s current selection? We’ve got over 150 colours now!)

Avon sells a tube of Lipstick every 15 seconds. That adds up to over 6,000 Lipsticks sold each day, and 2 million sold every year. In fact, if each tube was a mile long, we could go around the Earth over 500 times!

Types of Lipsticks

There are many types of Lipsticks and they can be used according to your mood or shape of your Lips.

Lipstick is a cosmetic product containing pigments, oils, waxes, and emollients which is applied to the Lips to provide colour, moisturisation, and protection. Lipstick is the least expensive and most popular cosmetic in the world with 21 percent of women using it daily and 78 percent on special occasions.

It is estimated that 80 percent of women in North America and Europe use Lipstick regularly and more than 30 percent of them have 20 Lipsticks in their possession in any time of their adult life.

Here are some types of Lipsticks with basic characteristics.

Moisturizing Lipsticks

People who have dry Lips should use moisturising Lipstick because it keeps Lips soft and smooth. These Lipsticks moisturise Lips because of ingredients like vitamin E, glycerine and aloe. Other benefits of using moisturising Lipsticks are wet and very shiny Lips.

Satin and Sheer Lipsticks

Other choices for dry Lips are satin and sheer Lipsticks. These Lipsticks also moisturise and nourish Lips and make them shiny and glossy. Sheer and satin Lipsticks have high oil ingredients and they can appear darker in the package than they are on Lips. Another characteristic of Lipsticks with oil components is that it should be reapplied many times.

Matte Lipsticks

Matte Lipsticks are a perfect choice for women who are looking for colourful and a nice shade. These Lipsticks have an effect of flat and not shiny Lips. Your Lips can look smoother and younger with matte Lipstick. Also it is recommended to combine products with vitamin E and aloe with matte Lipsticks.

Cream Lipsticks

Women who have small Lips should use cream Lipsticks. Lipstick with a cream formula is not so shiny, but it has a smooth effect on Lips. You can use Lip gloss afterwards for a desired look. Cream Lipsticks contain more wax in order to protect Lips, but also can cause the effect of dry Lips.

Pearl and Frosted Lipsticks

Frosted Lipstick makes Lips sparkle and glisten. Pearl and frosted Lipsticks reflect light and make a very shiny effect on your Lips. Negative effects are that it can cause Lips to feel heavy, cracked and dry. It is recommended to moisturise your Lips before you use this Lipsticks.

Gloss Lipsticks

Gloss is a very popular Lipstick for women with thin and small Lips because it makes Lips shine and enhances the dimension of depth. Gloss can be combined with traditional Lipstick.

Long wearing and transfer resistant Lipsticks

Women who don’t have time to apply Lipstick frequently may use long wearing Lipsticks. These Lipsticks have formulas that keep Lips looking perfect from 4 to 8 (or more). They are long lasting until you eat something greasy or oily. Some of them contain moisturiser to balance the dryness of Lips.

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