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The eyeliner is one of the first makeup products a girl is introduced to in her growing years. It is one product that instantly uplifts and accentuates the eyes, making them look extremely attractive. There are women who absolutely cannot live without their eyeliner; and if you are one of them, this post is dedicated to you.

Is liquid or pencil easier?

Pencil. "They're usually creamier and melt or blend into a sultry smoky line, a lot of my customers prefer a "creamy Kajal kohl" liner to deepen or brighten your eyes in the waterline. Less is more with this product, so make sure to dot along the lash line and then blend closer to the roots of your lashes with a smaller brush "Almost like you are erasing the liner away but it's buffing it into the most sultry, soft, smoky eye ever!" lightly apply the product tight to the root of the lashes.

Keeping it as close to your lashes as possible will make your eyes look bigger and more defined, and your lash line will appear fuller and thicker.

Should eyeliner go on top or bottom?

Stick to the top. "Top liner defines and adds depth to eyelashes," adding that it will also elongate your eyes. "Depending on your eye shape, lower liner could close up the eyes and do the opposite of what you're trying to achieve."

But if you want to throw a little liner on the bottom lash line, here's a tip to get the "wide eye-doll eye" effect.

Take the tip of your liquid liner and dotting every other lower lash root, If you line a solid line you lose the light and space between lashes that actually allows light and dark to play. We call this 'lash contouring.'

How do you get eyeliner to stay on?

Apply a coat of mascara before your liquid liner, "Pretend you are drawing one last flick at the tips of your lashes and work your way toward the lash line — this trick is helpful to get a modern edge to your liner. Plus, it helps you understand your eye shape and allows you to create the perfect cat eye stroke that is always flattering on you."

If your liner still isn't staying on, consider your skincare routine. You might want to swap your eye makeup remover or use less eye cream.



Ready to learn how to use your gel eyeliner? Keep these tips in mind for flawless gel eyeliner application.


When applying gel eyeliner, half of the battle involves choosing the right eyeliner brush for your application. If you’re creating a winged eyeliner look, consider using an angled brush. This will help you create a precise, sharp wing.

Lining your lower lash line?

A flat top eyeliner brush will do the job!

Want a smudged, sultry eyeliner look?

After applying your gel eyeliner with a flat top brush, use a smudge brush to soften the



Due to its creamy consistency, it’s a good idea to set your liner after applying it. You can do so by applying a black eye shadow, over your eyeliner or by spritzing on a setting spray.


Gel liner may not have as wet of a formula as liquid eyeliner, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any dry time. After applying your eyeliner, give it a few seconds to dry before moving onto the next step in your makeup look. This will help with avoiding any unwanted smears!


When applying gel eyeliner, you’ll find that a little bit of product goes a long way. Instead of packing product onto your eyeliner brush, start with a little bit and add more as you go. Too much product can lead to a chunky, messy line—yikes! We recommend using short, feathered strokes across the area you wish to line, then doing one final sweep of product to smooth and perfect for a seamless look.


While you can use gel eyeliner for different eyeliner techniques, this eyeliner formula is best used when creating a cat eye or winged eyeliner look. This is because combined with a tapered brush, the smooth, long-lasting formula makes it easy to customize your eyeliner shape.


We won’t deny it, not every aspect of applying makeup comes naturally.

You can probably manage to powder your face or apply a lipstick without too much trouble, but other products take a bit more practice—one of those being liquid eyeliner.

No one, and we mean no one, uses liquid liner for the very first time and creates a perfect wing—although that would be nice. Thankfully, you don’t have to give up on lining your lids with liquid eyeliner. With the right steps, a little dedication, and the very best liquid eyeliner in your arsenal, we’re confident you can master this makeup essential.

Ready to give it a try?


Applying liquid eyeliner doesn’t require any complicated hacks, simply follow these four steps for how to put on liquid eyeliner until you have it down:


Surprise, eye primer isn’t only for eye shadow. It’s true that primer can make eye shadows wear evenly and apply easier, and the same can be said for eyeliner. Dab a small amount of primer onto your lids to create a base for your eyeliner. That way, you’ll lessen the likelihood of your eyeliner smudging or shifting as the day goes on.

After all, no one wants to end the day with their eyeliner only semi-intact.


It’s time to break out your liquid eyeliner. With the eyeliner in hand, begin creating a thin line along your upper lash line. Press the eyeliner into your lashes, getting as close as you can, to avoid having a gap between your lashes and eyeliner. Once you have a slim line all the way across your lid, it’s up to you if you want to keep going. Stick with a thin line if you’re after a subtle, lash thickening effect. If you’d prefer a bolder look, or might want to add a wing, don’t stop just yet. Continue lining, gradually increasing the thickness of your eyeliner until you’re satisfied.


Is your eyeliner not quite as perfect as you had hoped? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. A cotton swab dipped in micellar water is all you’ll need to fix any mistakes. Saturate a swab in Micellar Cleansing Water then clean up your line. When you’re done, you’ll have this oh-so-simple step to thank for everyone assuming you’re an expert at applying liquid eyeliner.


Like we said, applying liquid eyeliner flawlessly requires practice. So, don’t wait until you have a special occasion to give it a try. Whenever you have the chance, practice. And then practice some more. The first few times might be a struggle, but after repeating these steps enough, they’ll practically be instinctive.


You want something that's easy to maneuverer, with a super-sharp point and a blendable line. Most women have used eye pencils since a relatively early age, which makes them easier to work with than other liner options. When freshly sharpened, wood pencils can get really close to the roots of your lashes and even right between them. The formulas are also creamy to smudge out or layer eyeshadow on top, which gives greater control over how dark the final look is. Warning: If your goal is to get a jet-black line or to create a crisp winged cat eye, you may prefer to use a liquid or gel liner.

How to use Wood Eyeliner Pencils

Wood pencils usually have a wax formula, which makes them blendable enough to create everything from soft definition to a full-on smoky eye, but it also makes them prone to creasing and running. To combat this, prep eyes with an eyeshadow primer. Then, for a thinner line, start with a freshly sharpened pencil, and draw with the side of the point instead of the tip. Doing so means you'll be holding the pencil more sideways and away from your face, making it easier to see your progress in the mirror. Next, use a thin brush to retrace the pencil with an eyeshadow in a similar shade.

For a thicker liner, line your eyes a second time with slightly more pressure, then use a pencil or smudger brush (usually about the size of the eraser on the top of a pencil), to gently smudge the liner from side to side.

Mechanical (Twist-Up) Eyeliners: Use Them If…

You don't want to carry around a sharpener and want all-day staying power. These pencils are fast to apply because they don't require sharpening, and because they expose only a little bit of colour at the tip at a time, there's less chance of applying too much. The plastic packaging also allows for waterproof formulas that might otherwise dry out if they were encased in wood. Mechanical pencils are best for creating blended looks, rather than sharp lines because their self-sharpening mechanisms create tips that are more blunt than pointed.

How to Use Mechanical (Twist-Up) Eyeliners

Twist the pencil to raise the tip. Twist the pencil up only a bit at a time, though, because some pencils do not twist back down. Then press the tip of the pencil into the roots of your lashes and dab or sketch, side to side. If the pencil has a built-in smudger, use it to repeat the side-to-side motion to create a smoother line. If the formula is waterproof, work quickly before it dries in place. Finish by layering an eyeshadow in a similar tone over the liner to create more intensity, or use a contrasting colour to create your own shade.

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