Texts to use –

Asking your team if they are interested in Sales Leadership –

Hi, I’ve started my own business and would love you to be my first team member! are you in?

Hi hun, I’ve just started my own fantastic business! I would love for you to be part of it! You would be amazing at this!

Optional add on – If it’s not for you, do you know anyone?  Please share with your contacts!

Hi, I have some openings for team leader roles and as you are running a role model successful business, though you would be fab! Are you free this week to discuss?

Hi, you’re already a great seller in my team!  Do you think you could show someone else how to do it?  We have an unlimited earning opportunity for you and  the perfect next step for you with Avon.  Please text back to discuss!

Hi, are you looking to earn some extra cash ready for summer?  Did you know you can earn more from Avon? Text me and lets discuss this ASAP!

Texts to use with leads –

Hi ….., thank you for your interest in becoming an Avon representative.  I can answer any questions and if ok arrange to drop your brochures and info in.  If you could let me know when would be the best time to call I will give you a ring.  (link to FAQ’s and your website as footer of text)

Hi…….., lovely to meet you at……. When would you like to meet up about Avon….or we can video call if easier.

Hi…….., lovely to meet you today at……….. I hope you have had chance to look through the brochures and information. Show them to friends and family to see if you get interest.  I can then pop over for a chat with your full starter kit and samples.

Hi……….., I have tried to get in touch a number of times regarding your interest in more information about joining Avon.  Would it be possible to let me know either way if you are still interested so I can update my calling lists.

Hi………, just a quick text as you previously expressed an interest in Avon. We are recruiting again for summer selling and have also launched the Online Stores where representatives can sell Avon online nationwide.  please text back AVON for more info or STOP to opt out.

Hi……….., I hope you are well? Would you be interested in coming back to Avon for FREE?  We are just starting summer selling and you will now get your own Online Store this time. You can now sell Avon online nationwide! (No admin fee charge and free books to start)  Please text back AVON and I’ll drop your FREE books in.

Top tip – always put your website address at the bottom of texts to reps and online store address at the bottom of texts to customers.